Why we need to Tame our Tongues!!!!



Why we need to Tame our Tongues!!!!

Boy did I mess up today. I did something horrible! I ran my mouth and judged something that I had no business judging, and I hurt a dear friend in the process.

Why is it that we do this? Do we have anything better to do than to speak cutting, judgmental words? I guess the only thing I can think of is that we are human and we sin. Not that its an excuse.

We can ask for forgiveness, but does it take away the hurt that we caused? I just don't think it can. Once we speak our words, we can never get them back whether they are positive or down right vicious.

Each one of us needs to be so very careful that we use our words only to edify and build up.

To my dear friend that I hurt today, I am so very sorry. I had no place judging and speaking about things I had no business saying.

From today forward, I pledge to ...

  • Think about every word that comes from my mouth!
  • Honor people with my actions!
  • Better one's character by demonstrating love!

Who is with me???