Why don't kids obey?


Why don't kids just obey the first time you tell you? It seems like children these days want be adults at such an early age. They don't care about authority and doing whats right. They just want to do whatever they want and what makes them happy.

I am trying to teach my son that he has to OBEY the first time I tell him. Can you guess what happened?
I am sure you can.

We were walking on a pavement to get into the car shop building, and I told him to stop moving and come to me. What do you know He Didn't listen. He thought he knew better than me. All the sudden he fell right down and scrapped up his elbow and knee. He probably screamed for a good 5 minutes. What a great lesson he learned.

Obey Right away! EVERY action you do has a consequence whether it is bad or good.  I am writing this to say that I just can't believe how many times things like this have happened.  It seems like almost every time he disobeys something bad happens.

This is such an important lesson not only for children but for adults.  Actions bring consequences so lets Make the RIGHT decisions.