What is Apple Butter? - My Secret Santa Gift!


What is Apple Butter?  Until today, I had no idea what apple butter was!  I guess being a Cali-girl and living in LA for 22 years really sheltered me from reality!

I personally thought apple butter was butter that was mixed with apples!  You might laugh when I say that but its the truth!

So what is Apple Butter!  I had it for the 1st time ever!  It was sooooooooo good!

I received a Secret Santa Gift from In the Mommy Business and she personally made it for me!

She also sent me Chocolate Snowman Marshmallows, Facing the Giants, and a Cardinals Stocking.

I am so excited to watch Facing the Giants.  I own Fireproof and cannot wait to watch Courageous when it comes on Dvd.

Thank you so much In the Mommy Business