We love our Skywalker Trampoline!


We finally got our Skywalker Trampoline set up in the backyard. This trampoline goes together easily and I am really happy with the quality. Once everything was installed, the whole family was ready to try it out.


The guys had to be the first ones to try it out. I’m not sure about the look on Dad’s face, but I think he was just figuring out how to jump and stay upright!



The kids were a little cautious at first and there had to be a family discussion about the proper way to jump. These guys were pretty serious about it!IMG_5859

The safety net makes me feel comfortable with the kids jumping on the trampoline. The trampoline from Skywalker is so sturdy and well made. It is great for the kids to have some fun and get some exercise without Mom worrying about them being safe.


Both kids were jumping and dancing around on the trampoline. It was fun to watch them be creative with their movements. They wanted to come up with a routine to show us, and they were just laughing and giggling the whole time.


Of course, they had to see how high they could jump. As a mom, I felt good that they were outside getting fresh air and playing together. Staying active is so important, and children need physical activity every day. Having the Skywalker Trampoline in the backyard has just added a fun way to get moving outdoors. Why go to an indoor park when you can jump on a trampoline in your own backyard?

A Skywalker Trampoline would be a great addition to any family’s backyard. You can feel confident that your kids will be safe, but have a great time. It is so enjoyable to watch your kids playing happily. You don’t have to tell them that they are getting healthy exercise, too, but you can feel good about that aspect also.

Find out more at the Skywalker website or check them out on Facebook and Pinterest.