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In today’s toy world a lot of companies are coming out with “smart” interactive toys for kids and so in order to stand out in this market, a company really has to come out with something special. Ubooly has done just that with their new interactive doll/app Ubooly. What I mean by doll/app is that along with the app you can order a stuffed animal in which you can insert your IPOD or IPHONE and it will look to your child just like a stuffed animal…very cool.

My son Matteo, my daughter Gemma, and their friend, AJ,  just loved the toy. So far I would say their favorite part of Ubooly is the fact it calls them by name I mean how cool is that for a young child. A close second is they love the interaction from Ubooly in response to their touching the screen. They also love earning coins and using them to customize their Ubooly pet from eyewear to hair style. One important thing they are learning through their interaction with Ubooly is proper word enunciation; in that, they need to say words clearly and correctly. The Ubooly has turned what was previously “lost” play time in which the kids didn’t learn anything to a productive play time that is both productive and FUN (who would have ever thought those two could go together).


By purchasing credits parents can add learning programs to their kids Ubooly. I purchased the packs space, oceans, seasons and teeth brushing. I have to say at first I was a little skeptical as to what an impact they would have on my children, but was presently surprised when Matteo, my 5 year old, came running into my room asking if he could use the space pack. He WANTED to learn…music to my ears.

Not only does Ubooly benefit kids educationally but it also benefits we as parents. One of the hardest things today is making sure that your child is not being subjected to stuff you don’t approve of when they are watching TV, etc. With Ubooly I know that my child is being entertained and also educated. Ubooly is also a big help to parents through one aspect of the toy in that Ubooly can actually send you progress updates for your kids as to how much they are learning and where they rank with other children their age.

If you are looking for a great interactive toy that you kids will love playing with and learning from you can’t go wrong with Ubooly.

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AJ Ubooly