Turkey Veggie Tray

Turkey Veggie Tray Recipe



Turkey Veggie Tray
What you Need:
- Round Tray/platter – Pizza tray works great
-Red Romaine Lettuce Leaves
- Carrots
- Celery
- Asparagus
- Yellow Squash
- 2 Olives
- Red, Yellow, and Green Bell Peppers
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Cucumbers

How to Make it:
First you need your platter/tray. You can cover it with aluminum foil if you’d like but not necessary.
Its recommended that you cook the asparagus, simply butter and pepper, place on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at 375 for 10 mins. Remove and flip asparagus and place back into oven for additional 10 mins. Repeat until desired texture. I personally like them crisp.
Then place Romaine Lettuce leaves around the edges of the tray except the bottom where the feet will be.
Then cut celery sticks to 3 inch lengths and in half making thin slice sticks. Keep 2 sticks not cut and placed to the side for later use. Place a layer of celery sticks about 2 inches in from the outer tips of the Romaine Lettuce.
Then take small carrots and cut asparagus to the same size and spread them over the celery 1 inch from the outer tips.
Repeat the above step with small carrots and asparagus making a second layer below the first layer towards the middle of the platter.
Now you will slice the cucumbers. I personally think it looks better if you skin the cucumbers. Then slice them thinly and placed them in the open area at the base in an oval shape. Use them all up its ok if they are overlapped.
You will then want to take the cherry tomatoes and place above the cucumbers in a rainbow shape.
Then you will want to cut up the Bell Peppers. Cut them in half from pit to pit. Then thinly slice them. Cut all red, yellow and green bell peppers. Leave to the side one red slice Bell Pepper and one Yellow to be used later.
Now you are ready to place the yellow squash in the center. The larger side will be toward the middle of the tray and used as the head.
Take two olives thinly sliced and used as eyes.
Take a red slice of bell pepper and lay it down from the middle on top of the yellow squash just below the eyes/olives.
Then take a yellow Bell Pepper and only use a small piece as the beak shaped in a triangle shape.
And the final step is the feet. Take two celery sticks from earlier that were not cut in half and cut 2 slits 1 inch from the bottom making them look like feet. Place them under the cucumber belly.

That it! A very Simple Veggie Tray. Impress anyone with your skills!