Tournament of Kings Review in Las Vegas!


My family and I had never been to a Tournament of Kings show so we were really excited to see this one here in Vegas.  Tournament of Kings is a family friendly show that features a 3 course meal.


While you are eating, you get to watch a fun entertainment production as well. When we arrived, we were ushered into the arena where we found our assigned seat. Once seated, a waiter came and we had the choice of soda or we could pay extra for other drinks. While the drinks were coming a photographer came around to take pictures of us. At the end we had the option to buy the pictures.


Because everything is supposed to be from the Medieval Times era there were no utensils. You just sipped the soup, and used your hand for everything else. It was kind of fun to do that and not have to worry about manners. =) The soup was soooo delicious! I think it was a tomato bisque soup, and I really loved it! I had ALL of mine, and half of my husbands! A little while later they brought out our dinner, and boy was it big! They gave us EACH cornish game hens which were so big it was almost the size of a small chicken! On each plate were a couple boiled potatoes, and broccoli! There was so much food we couldnʼt even finish it all.


Then, the show started. It was really fun to eat and watch the live show at the same time. My son, who is one, was fascinated. He didnʼteven want to eat until the very end because he was sitting there mesmerized by the actors, songs, and special effects. There were a couple parts that were too scary for him so I did close his eyes and not let him look at those scenes. There was a scary bad guy with quite an evil laugh, and I didnʼt want him to have nightmares. Other than that my whole family really enjoyed it. About 3/4 into the show someone came with our dessert which was some type of pastry--I think it was apple. Iʼm not big into pastries, but my husband is a sweet lover so he ate mine! After the show, the photographer came back, and we loved the pictures! We did end up buying a couple to remember this experience.


Overall, It was a really fun experience for our family to enjoy together. We were really happy we were able to go!

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