Total Gym Fit - Review


My husband, Jared, expressed to me at the beginning of the year that he wanted to start losing weight, but he hated going to the gym. We looked at several different options for home workout equipment, but we just were not impressed.

The equipment was either way too big or only worked limited areas of the body. Both of us had heard great things about the Total Gym Fit. When we finally decided to try it out we were really excited to see it in action, and if it would live up to all of the hype.

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Jared has been using the Total Gym Fit for three months now, and he absolutely loves it! He really has seen a difference his body in the last few months.  With over 80 different exercises on one machine, your workout is never boring!

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He pulls out the Total Gym Fit 3-4 times a week and gets his workout in. It easily pulls out and sets up for use as well as folds to be put away and out of the way. Jared can get in a total body workout in just 10-20 minutes!

The Total Gym arrived fully assembled. (Which was very nice) It has the ability to change incline and allows you to do quite a few exercises without changing the equipment around too much.

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The Total Gym workout is low impact and nice and smooth as you exercise. There was no need for jerky and rough movements.

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It came with some really awesome exercise videos! The workout videos really helped to see the different ways the Total Gym could be used and helped to make sure that Jared was doing each exercise correctly and getting the most out of his workout.

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The only negative thing about the Total Gym was the cord seemed to warp a little.

Overall, we were completely impressed by the Total Gym Fit! I even got on it a few times and plan on putting it into my regular workout routine. We highly recommend this home gym and know you will love it as much as we do!

Stay tuned for our next post in May!  I will be posting Jared's results and weight loss.  He is currently 5"10"" and 190 lbs.  His goal is get to to 180 lbs by next month.

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