Tips for Saving Money on Clothes - My AWESOME Trip to Kohls - Saved $105.03


Tips for Saving Money on New Clothes

I had a fantastic day shopping today at Kohls!!!  I was looking for next year summer clothes and found some really great deals!!!

My daughter, Gemma, (2 yrs old) just loves wearing dresses so I often find myself spending more than I need to accommodate her needs!!


Tips for Saving Money on Clothes!!

  • Plan 1 Full season ahead - There are tons of great deals out there and the best time to buy is toward the middle of the season.
  • Only Buy what you will need - If you are not sure you will use it then DON"T buy it!!!
  • Use Coupons - Be sure Ask your cashier if there are any additional coupons they are offering.
  • Be prepared - Know exactly what you need before you walk into a store!!!


Cost: Retail $24  Paid - $7.79


Cost: Retail $24  Paid $7.79


Cost: Retail $24  Paid $7.79


Cost: Retail $24  Paid $7.79


Cost: Retail $26  Paid $5.89


Cost: Retail $24  Paid $5.89

I was able to use 2 coupons in 1 transaction.  I had a $5 off $25 Coupon (exp. 7/11/13) & 15% Coupon off the rest of the order.