Time to Organize



Time to Organize

One thing that I dislike most in my house is clutter!   Unorganized cabinets, messy refrigerator, over-stuffed drawers, closets you can’t walk in. So I decided to de-clutter my house one room at a time!

I am asking all of you to join in with me!    Every day will be a new project until is complete. Now don’t worry, I know you all are busy, as am I. But keep the steps in mind and work at your own pace.

Today, I am starting with my kitchen. And the easiest way to start is by making a checklist of the things you want to work on and then simply check them off as you go.

Here is the checklist that I will use for my own kitchen, feel free to make modifications as you see fit for your personal home.


  • Try to put liquids in the door (if they fit). Heavy items on bottom shelf such as drinks and meats
  • Second shelf should be items such as bread, produce (if you don’t have drawers for them), and other medium sized items
  • Top shelf is for eggs, butter, cream and other smaller items

Food cabinets

  • Go through all the food and put like items together. (i.e. can food stacked together)If you come across some items that you have that you may not eat, donate them instead.
  • Try to keep the items you use most often on the shelf that is easiest to reach. Then work your way up putting items that are only occasionally used.
  • Downsize if possible. (i.e. if you have only one sleeve of crackers left. Take the sleeve out and put on the shelf and recycle the box. This will save you a ton of space)

Storage cabinets

  • Arrange all your Tupperware by size and make sure you have matching covers.
  • All your plastic wrap should be arranged by style and size (i.e. all baggies and freezer bags should be together, all the tin foil should be together)

I try and do this about twice a year. We all know how much stuff someone can accumulate in a year’s time. This is just an easy way to make room for the new stuff and clean out the old. Plus, I always feel like an organized kitchen is easier to cook in!

Watch out for the next post to see what room will be next.