Time to Organize, Room 2


Time to Organize, Room 2

So hopefully you were all able to clean and organize your kitchen, I was able to do mine. Sometimes I forget what I actually have in my cabinets. The next room that is on the list is the bedrooms. Some of you may have multiple bedrooms, like me, just means more to clean! So I made the following list to make sure I accomplish I am looking to do. A lot of the items are things most of us already do on a regular basis. However, I always like to clean a room completely when it comes to cleaning out a room. And I can honestly say that I only do this clean out in the bedrooms about once a year.

* Clean Sheets and remake bed

* Clean out/off nightstands

* Organize vanity

* Do laundry if needed (including curtains)

* Clean out clothes and shoes, donate unwanted items

* Clean out closet, donate items that are not wanted

* Dust

* Vacuum

I love sleeping in a bed with sheets right out of the laundry. I always feel like I get a better night sleep. I hope that my tips on organizing your home are helpful. Let me know what you think. Stay tuned for the next room that we organize