Time for Trampoline Fun!!!


Time for Trampoline Fun

Summer is a great time for outdoor fun, but I never thought of a trampoline. My kids spent a few weeks visiting family in Virginia and absolutely fell in love with a Skywalker Trampolines. After doing some research (and listening to my kids saying how much fun they had) I decided to purchase a Skywalker Trampoline of our own.

I choose to order a Skywalker trampoline because the company has been around for over ten years. Skywalker is a top brand and stands behind their products. I feel confident in their safety features and look forward to giving my kids the opportunity to engage in fun and healthy outdoor activity.


I ordered the trampoline, and of course it came right when we were going on vacation! Ordering was easy and the shipping was fast. I have not had time to open the boxes yet, but I’m looking forward to putting it together (and using it!) after our vacation. Look for a review post after we get it setup around the end of July.

The website has great information and has a great guide on choosing the right trampoline for you and your family. There are shape and size options for everyone. There is even a size diagram to help you figure out which trampoline would fit best in your yard. There is a trampoline to fit most budgets, too.


These trampolines are rated for ages 6 and up, so it is good for just about anyone from school-age and up. We chose a 15’ trampoline, which has a 200 lb. weight limit. Skywalker Trampoline recommends only having one jumper at a time on the trampoline, and I will be sure to adhere to these safety rules.

Skywalker trampolines come with safety enclosures and are made with safety in mind. As a mom, this is very important, of course. There is a handy entrance in the netting for getting in and out. I checked out all the safety information, and was happy with my choice to purchase our trampoline from Skywalker. Skywalker Trampoline uses quality materials which are very durable.

Stay tuned for more updates as soon as we have used our trampoline from Skywalker.

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