Time Flies so Fast


This is absolutely amazing to me.  This Live Painting of a Woman's Life really shows Time Flies so Fast.

Time. It's such a precious word that should never be taken for granted. Time gives us the gift of moments never to be forgotten. These moments quickly turn into memories that can never be recaptured and yet so many of us take time for granted. It is the one thing that we can't get back nor can it be bought.

Time Flies so Fast

I loved watching this video over and over again. It is a quick reality check of the passing of time. There is no such thing as perfect timing. Take today as it is and always go after your goals. Only you can achieve what you believe, so go out and get it. We get just one life experience and only one shot at it. Whenever there is just one of something, the value of course immediately sky rockets. The true value of life is priceless. No two lives are exactly the same because no two people are exactly the same. Don't wait for tomorrow because before you know it years have passed by and what should have been now turns into a could have been.

Never live with regret. There isn't much that stings as much as regret both for things we shouldn’t have done or things we should have done, but didn’t do. We can all think of a few times in our lives that we feel regret. Unfortunately, those experiences are usually never far from your mind. Today, we start over! Today, we start cherishing time as our most important asset because Time Flies so Fast.

The most influential take-away from this video is to love with all of your heart and let your loved ones know how much you truly care. There will be many moments in life that you wish you could relive again so live your life to the fullest. Be sure to always smile even when you want to cry. Never take anything for granted and know that time will pass like the wind. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Instead make the moment perfect.