They PAID Me at CVS!!!


Does anyone want to guess how much I paid for EVERYTHING!!!

Ok,  I will tell you!  $.63 & I got $3 in Extra Care Bucks for the Next order!  Yes that is right!   Can you say COUPONS?   Yeah!

I used..

Buy 1 Get 1 for Pantene, Gillette Razors, and Olay

$1 off 2 Gain Dishwashing Detergent

$3 of 2 Olay (Red Machine Coupon)

$2 off Gillette Razors

$1 off Secret

All were from the P & G Flyers for the Month of May!

I paired the Coupons with Buy 1 Get 50% off Gillette Sale, $1.50 off CVS Shampoo Coupon, $3 off 2 CVS Olay Coupon.

I paid $.63 out of Pocket and received a $2 ECB for Olay and $1 ECB for Pantene!

Saved $47.28 on This order!

Sale Ended Yesterday but there are super Hot Deals starting today!