The Soda Stream Revolution Review


The Soda Stream Revolution

Soda Stream gave me the great opportunity to test one of their newest models on the market, the Soda Stream Revolution. As an owner of their previous model which I absolutely loved, I didn’t think they could improve on the concept, but they have with flying colors.

Before I get into the improvements, I will give you a quick rundown of what comes with the unit. Along with the unit itself, the Revolution comes with (1) 1 liter bottle (I would have to say this is the biggest downside of the unit in that the first came with 2). You also get (12) 1 liter serving size samples of soda flavors from Dr. Pete (Dr. Pepper) to their energy drink syrup. I can honestly say I have tried many different flavors and loved all of them. You also get (4) samples of their water flavors so you can make a seltzer style drink.

The Soda Stream Revolution is a more stable and solid design than their previous model, which I have to admit I thought I would break when I pushed the carbonation button. Another great improvement with the Revolution is the ease with which the bottle connects to the machine. It takes just a second to insert the bottle and lock it into position. This leads to the third and, in my opinion, the greatest improvement with the Revolution and that is the guess free carbonation of your water. In the previous model you had to hand pump the CO2 into the water, but with the Revolution there are 4 preset levels that you can choose from just a hint of carbonation to very carbonated (for die hard soda fans).

If you love soda and like having a variety of choices for HALF the price you can’t go wrong with The Soda Stream Revolution.