"The Gemma Pizza" - Gluten & Rice Free!



This is definitely not your typical pizza! The majority of Americans Love their pizza! What about those that have allergies to Wheat or Rice! The Gluten Free breads usually have Rice Flour as a substitute! This is a GREAT way to still enjoy your pizza whether you have allergies or just want to save your calories!

I call it the "Gemma pizza"! Some of you know that my little baby Gemma, 21 months, has severe allergies! Her only approved foods are Veggies, Fruit, Meat, Dairy, & Barley! She is allergic to Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Rice, Oats, Peanuts, Nuts, & Shellfish!

She is beginning to notice that she can't have what we eat, like pizza!

I personally love this recipe way better than the Real stuff!


Corn Tortilla
Tomato Sauce
Veggie Toppings

Microwave the tortilla or more than 1 for 20 seconds. Add your sauce, cheese, & toppings! Heat an additional 30 seconds!

You can also pan fry them and they taste even better!