The Best Way to Pull Weeds!!!


My Mother in Law is someone who Loves to speak her Mind!  She is an amazing Women and has really helped me a lot in the past 6 yrs!  The other day we were outside, and she showed me a few ways to improve my front yard.

The Best Way to Pull Weeds

    • Just do it - How many of us just want to wait and wait and wait till our grass and yards look like they are adorned in Green Weeds!!!
    • Wait until it Rains - I took her advice and waited till it rained.  Fortunately living on the East Coast here in Boston we have the opportunity to have tons of rain in the summer time.   The weather here is totally unpredictable!   You can have no clouds in the sky but by the end of the day it could rain.   Every weed I pulled was SUPER easy to grab.  They all came right up without any problems.
    • Get your kids to help - Both of my children, Matteo (4yr) & Gemma (21 Mo), Absolutely loved to help!  Matteo probably pulled the Majority of the Weeds!
    • Enjoy your finished work - The best feeling is to finish your project.  If you don't know me I am the BIGGEST procrastinator.  I seriously will wait till the last minute for just about everything.  I usually get everything done on time, but I stress myself out when I could have just finished the project way ahead of schedule.   So when you are done then Enjoy your finished work!!