The Advantages of Breastfeeding!!!


There are many advantages of breastfeeding. The following are..

  • Better immunities for the baby
  • Emotional connection between the mother and the baby
  • Lower Cost – Its FREE!!!

The very Best thing that you can provide for your baby is Breast Milk! It contains many vitamins, nutrients, and immunities that your baby needs to fight off sicknesses. It reduces the risk of Childhood diabetes, Ear Infections, Respiratory Illnesses, Allergies, Asthma, SIDS, Colic, and Chronic Constipation.
The emotion connection that you and your baby have is such a powerful part of breastfeeding. It really helps the baby develop that sense of security and love that the mother can give.

Breastfeeding can also Benefit the Mother as well as the Baby. It reduced the risk of Ovarian, Breast, and Cervical Cancer. It can also help the Uterus Contract after birth, delays fertility, and also helps promote weight loss.

My favorite part of breastfeeding is that it is completely FREE! There is NO cost and you seriously save thousands of dollars! Your body produces it so why would you waste something that’s free!

Now what If I have BREAST IMPLANTS (The breast implants prices in the US) or if I produce no milk is my baby going to be messed up for life. The answer is simple, NO! Formula these days is a great substitute but it can never fully take the place of Breastfeeding. I seriously encourage everyone who is thinking about Breastfeeding to really look into it and consider the benefits.