Sweet Temptations Review!


My family is full of Oreo Addicts and Sweet Temptations has taken it to entirely new level!  Thankfully I met my Husband at the door when he came in with the mail because otherwise I probably would've never even seen these.  I believe my husband's exact words before he even got the chance to eat them were "Do you know how we can order some more?"  They were gone within an hour of leaving my mailbox.

My husband is quite partial to strawberries (he grew up in Florida in one of the biggest strawberry cities) so he of course LOVED the pink one, but he said that the white one was almost as delicious!  Personally I think they are absolutely adorable which made me not want to eat them, but of course he just wanted to devour them!  Honestly, they were definitely delicious and I'll have to order him some more soon because he is still talking about them.  To learn more about how to get yours just go HERE to Sweet Temptations!