Most of the beauty products are pretty expensive. But we, women, tend to sacrifice our finances to get that desired lipstick of our dreams and spend as much money as asked just to get it. However, there are some ways how to get the same beauty products at much cheaper price. Intrigued? I believe! Bellow you will find some of the smartest and easiest tips for much cheaper beauty products shopping. Learn it right now and start shopping for absolutely everything you wish for at silly small price!

Bring a friend

You can actually save a lot of cash if you are shopping not alone, but with your good friend aside. Just make sure that she or he is truly honest and will tell you right away if you are planning to make a silly purchase. Going by yourself only means you won’t be able to hear whether a color looks great on you or not. Or if an item is really acceptable considering your budget. Your amazing friend can help you out and advise you on every question you might have in a store. At the bottom line, you might save a lot of money just by not going solo shopping.

Requesting a sample

You can also avoid a lot of unnecessary spending if you firstly ask for a sample. This way you can try it all out, see if it really fits your expectations well and only then purchase the whole product. You might get these samples whether at the beauty store or it can even be mailed for you. Either way, you should always try a sample first. Maybe it will turn out to be allergic for you or something. If you would find out about that after your expensive investment, you will be regretting a lot. So simply ask for a sample and save money just like that!

Shopping online

Shopping online is generally much cheaper than off. And you can use this matter as much as you want while shopping for all beauty products you wish for. In fact, there are some online deals you can use to reduce a price tag even more. I am talking about various discount codes you can find on the web. For instance, take a quick look at these promo codes to shop at Target from With just one of these you can receive an additional 5% discount on all items sitewide – including beauty products. So definitely shop online for products you used before and save a pretty big amount of money with special promo codes!

Knowing when to spend more and when less

Another tip depends on a lot of your own shopping habits and philosophy. There are certain products that can be purchased at the drugstore. For example, makeup removing pads, q-tips and so on. And there are others that should be splurged on, like perfume or a nice daily cream. These may actually differ depending on which products are most valuable to you. But also to know what you are willing to spend before stepping foot in the store is also very important. So make a strict budget and invest more in more often used products. That will certainly guarantee you quality and excellent performance.

Using your smartphone 

My final tip for you all are visiting a store with your smartphone in your hand. First, use your phone to look up product reviews on the item in question. Maybe you will discover how poor that product really works. Second, you can look up it's pricing in other stores and get the best deal for you in another store. Just learn how to use it effectively and quickly and you will always leave the store with the best deal.