Strawberry Citrus Iced Green Tea


It's summertime and I am on the hunt for a refreshing and delicious drink to keep me cool and satisfied.

My usual, go-to Sweet Tea is getting boring. So, inspired by the fresh citrus fruit sitting in my fruit basket, I decided to take a new spin on Iced Tea.

I promise you will not be able to stop drinking this wonderful liquid! Grab some lemons, limes, and oranges and make it with me!



Begin by washing your citrus fruit. Two lemons, a lime, and an orange.

Strawberry Citrus Iced Green Tea


Now, don't get too hasty and slice all your fruit! Slice HALF your orange and HALF your lime. And only slice ONE lemon. (I just LOVE how juicy these look! Making me crave oranges....)

Strawberry Citrus Iced Green Tea


Here is where the other half of your lime and orange get used. Juice 'em! Get some aggression out! Squeeze every last drop from them! (Okay...maybe too aggressive, but get the juice out of the rest of your fruit.)



Look at those poor mangled rinds in the background. I am pretty sure I got every last drop! Ha!



Fish out your Green Tea bags that have been steeping for 5-7 minutes.



Pour your tea into a pitcher.



Here is where you and I may be different. I like to drink sugar. You may not.

I am trying to cut back on my sugar intake... It is hard. I am addicted. I need SA. (Sugar-holics Anonymous)

You can dissolve sugar in your tea while still warm or use Simple Syrup to sweeten your Tea.



Pour in your juice from the lime, orange, and lemon.



Fill your pitcher with water to just below the gallon mark.

Add your slices of fruit.


Here is where the strawberries come in. We love strawberries! Whenever there is a good sale on strawberries I buy extra and freeze them to use in place of ice cubes in water and lemonade. As the strawberries melt they flavor your drink so deliciously and turn it a pretty pink. The longer you let the strawberries sit in this tea, the pinker and more flavored your tea will be!



Just a few berries will do the trick.



Isn't that making you thirsty?



Now take your drink outside and relax and enjoy the sweet flavors and the sunshine!




2 Lemons

1 Lime

1 Naval Orange

4 Green Tea Bags

7-8 Frozen Strawberries

1/2-3/4 C. Simple Syrup (Dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 1 cup water in a saucepan to make Simple Syrup)

Slice half of the lime, half of the orange and one lemon. Juice half of the lime, half of the orange and one lemon. Steep the tea bags in 7 cups of boiled water for 5-7 minutes. Pour tea into large gallon size pitcher. Add citrus juice & simple syrup. Fill with water until just under gallon mark.  Add sliced citrus and frozen strawberries. Refrigerate.  Enjoy!


Be Refreshed!