Stonefire Grill - Restaurant Review


I don't know about you, but there is just something wonderful about seeing family and friends after a long time a part. There is so much to catch up on, and so much love to be shared. Our family recently was able to go to California and enjoy a time of relaxing (and business) where I grew up in Woodland Hills, California. Although, there are several fabulous cooks in the family, we really wanted to get together and just enjoy each others company around the table without having to cram in the kitchen for prep & cleanup.

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The Stonefire Grill (we visited the West Hills, CA location) was the perfect place for us to all meet and enjoy a night of yummy food, great company, and lots of laughing. The slogan of Stonefire Grill is FRESHLY PREPARED, SIMPLY DELICIOUS.  I can tell you that is exactly what we got!

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I really love restaurants that are open to see into the kitchen. It gives me confidence that the whole restaurant is clean and well run. My kids really enjoy the opportunity to watch the hustle and bustle and occasional flame burst from the grill. This restaurant is a casual dining experience where everyone felt comfortable to be themselves and not worry about being too prim & proper. In other words, children are MORE then welcome!

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Stonefire Grill has an A rating! Which is the best rating a restaurant can have. That gives me confidence that I am going to get the best experience and healthiest environment.

I spied this bottle of wine with our last name and had to take a picture! (maybe we are related???)

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You self-serve your plates, napkins, silverware, condiments, and drinks. You can grab as much as you need and come back for more whenever you need it.

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Going to restaurants can be a challenge for my family with several people on strict diets and others with severe food allergies. I sometimes get a little nervous looking over the menu trying to find a yummy dish my daughter can enjoy and not feel left out.

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To my pure delight they had a special section just for vegetarians & vegans.

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But, I was even more blown away when I found they had an entire menu of Gluten-Free dishes! Not just one or two dishes... but a whole page of options for us to choose from! They offer the option to order individually or family style.

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All the food we ordered was beyond amazing! Let me share a few of the favorites at the table.

These Garlic Mashed Potatoes were the perfect combination of creaminess and Garlic. There is a delicate balance of too much garlic, and they certainly were right on the money for garlic flavor.

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The Tri Tip Meal was really good. This was my meal!

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Cowboy Beans were exceptional.

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The Chicken & Tri Tip Combination was great for the person who couldn't decide which meat to go for. Get a both!

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The Mesquite BBQ Babyback Ribs fell apart and were perfect.

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Grandma has a very strict diet. When we spoke with the staff about accommodating her, they bent over backwards to make sure that she had a great meal. You can't tell that this chicken had no salt at all. It was moist and flavorful and made to order.

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It was so fun being able to spend time with my little nephew and brother-in-law.

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The Quinoa was an excellent gluten-free option for a few of my family members. They really loved it.

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The Traditional Greek Salad was fresh and so flavorful! I love salads full of extra fun flavors.

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All the kids had so much fun!

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This Lemon Garlic Salmon looks so good even still!

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Their Garlic Bread Sticks were perfect to round out the meal!

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Overall, our experience at Stonefire Grill was wonderful. We all left with full bellies and happy hearts. We were able to enjoy each others company, have great food, and amazing service. You definitely need to plan a family dinner at the Stonefire Grill soon!

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**Disclosure: This post is a review of  Stonefire Grill. All opinions are my own.  I was not paid in any way.  Stonefire Grill compensated for our meal only**