Still NO Power - Day 3! Thanks Hurricane Irene!



I really don't understand something.  Why is our power still out?  This storm really wasn't too bad.  It was more of a tropical storm that hit Boston.  Really the only damage that occurred for us was a few branches that fell off the tree.  I am very thankful for that.

This is what happened at our Cousin's house.  Unbelievable!  She had just moved both cars from the driveway 30 minutes before the tree fell down.  They both would have been totaled if she hadn't.  Amazing!  God is really good.

All in all we are doing pretty well but I may have to throw most of the food in my refrigerator away.  We have not had our power since 11 am yesterday!  I also don't see it coming back anytime soon.  National Grid called and said it might take several days.  What did they do back in the days with No internet, No TV, No Xbox?  However did they survive?