Starbucks Copycat Vanilla Chai Tea Latte



Hello, Saving and More readers! This is Valentina from The Baking Fairy! I have to confess, I was SO excited when Rachel asked me to do a guest post for y'all. Confession: this is my first-EVER guest post! So I'm extra pumped up!!

First things first, who loves Starbucks? I know I do! But who loves the Starbucks price tag? Ehh... I know I don't. I recently acquired a giftcard to Starbucks, which let me experiment and try some fun new drinks without having to pay for them myself. Heehee. 🙂 My latest obsession is by far their Vanilla Chai Tea Latte. But at $4 a pop, it's really not a habit I can sustain. SO, I got creative and found a way to make it myself! 🙂 I figured if anybody could appreciate saving money, it would DEFINITELY be the readers of this site!

All you need is three simple ingredients to bring the fancy coffeehouse taste home: hot hot hot milk, pure vanilla extract, and Chai Tea concentrate. I went with the sugar-free kind, but you can also buy regular. Speaking of which, I found this glorious giant bottle of Chai at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods for just $5.99! That's less than TWO cups would cost at Starbucks. Shopping wise, I have also seen syrups at World Market if you wanna buy some yourself. So what are you waiting for? You are literally three minutes away from a delicious vanilla chai tea latte, sans the expensive price tag. 🙂

Starbucks Copycat Vanilla Chai Tea Latte
Yields: 1 serving

1 cup dairy milk OR nondairy unsweetened milk
1/2 tbsp pure vanilla extract
1 1/2 tbsp chai tea concentrate

Heat up your milk in a medium-sized mug... for me, two minutes in the microwave is perfect! Remove from microwave, and stir in the vanilla and chai. I have found that I prefer a little bit lighter chai taste, so I advise you to try it with 1 1/2 tbsp but add more if you want a stronger flavor. Stir well and enjoy immediately!

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