Silk'n Blue Acne Device Review!!!


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Acne is a battle that not only teenagers combat. It's tough one at any age, but one I never thought  I would have to face as an adult! Over the years, I have found it difficult to find a product that delivered its promises, without drying out my healthy skin or filling my body with chemicals.  Along came Silk'n Products!


Silk’n Blue offers a safe and drug free way to combat the root causes of acne , without all the chemicals!  Instead, it uses a natural blue light and dermal heating that kills bacteria under your skin, which would otherwise cause acne breakouts on the surface of your skin. No expensive creams, laser treatments or washes! And since it neutralizes the bacteria, it helps to prevent any future breakouts!


Silk’n Blue is simple to use. You simply place the applicator on your pimple for 3-5 minutes, up to twice a day. Your full face may take up to 20 minutes, if you have a lot of breakouts. Once your acne has begun to clear up, weekly maintenance treatments are recommended. This device is not made just for faces, either! If you suffer from acne on your back or chest -- Silk’n Blue will work on it, too!


While it might look a bit futuristic, it's completely harmless!  The blue light is similar to that used in dermatologists offices, that you pay a fortune for!

Silk’n Blue Features
- Hand-held light device
- Gentle synergistic power of fractional blue light, just like the dermatologist!
- Built-in temperature sensor

Silk’n Blue Benefits
- Starts killing bacteria right away
- Fast and noticeable results
- Clinically proven and dermatologist-recommended
- Drug Free
- Dual-energy for bacteria destruction and acne prevention
- FDA-approved


Send your teen back to school acne-free this year --or treat yourself to new found confidence of being acne -free!

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