Shark Pro Steam & Spray Mop


There are few more unpleasant things to do in my house then mop! I really am not a lover of cleaning. Don't get me wrong.... I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE! I just don't particularly enjoy doing it. I am always looking for amazing products to add to my arsenal of great cleaning tools that work efficiently and are easy to use. I had been wanting a steam mop for some time and the Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop was highly recommended. I was so excited when my mop came in the mail! There was a hope for me to get motivated about my floors! HA!

I can't express to you that this is the most excited about cleaning my house that I had been in a VERY long time! This mop does it all! I eagerly unpacked the box and eyeballed my new "toy."


I love that Shark immediately sets you up to be able to enjoy and use their product as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Batteries Included! The instruction manual is easy to read and understand. And although, some assembly is required, you will not be sitting there for hours turning the manual upside down and trying to translate foreign pictures and unclear instructions! (I can't stand assembling complicated items!)


This mop uses a combination of steam and spray to get your floors nice and shiny and clean. You don't need to carry around a bucket or spray with you as you clean. Water and Shark Steam Energized Cleanser are dispensed directly through the mop. It's an all in one baby!


There are three different cleaning options on this mop. Sanitize, Mop, & Scrub. No matter what setting you choose, you can be sure that it is safe and non-toxic. I love that! There is no need to add unnecessary toxins to my home!


For the first time, Shark offered this steam mop with two different options for pads. Washable or disposable! I love that I have an option. I am all about saving money (obviously) with the washable, but there are times when I don't have the time to toss the pad in the wash and need a quick mop up with a disposable pad. Easy-breezey!


So, what you really want to know is did I like it? I LOVED IT! I will admit, I enjoyed mopping. Maybe for the first time ever! It was done in no time and all the mess was gone.  Did I mention that there is a fabulously long cord with this mop? It is wonderful for allowing me to get just about the whole house without having to unplug and replug every few feet.


Okay. Enough gushing. The bottom line is that I really enjoyed this mop and it did a fabulous job of cleaning my floors. I totally recommend it. Check out the Shark Pro Steam & Spray Mop for yourself! I think you are going to love it as much as I do!

Shark Pro Mop

What chores do you really hate to do around the house?