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Recipes & Ingredients Delivered To Your Home

I don't know if you guys have heard a grocery delivery place called "Plated" but this place is awesome! Great recipes and all the ingredients you need to create those recipes delivered straight to your door! Never worry about what you are going to prepare for dinner again. With every meal taking 30 minutes or less to cook, this is obviously the go-to option for any person to busy to cook meals at home. Everything is portioned just as you need and accustomed to you or your family size.

I could't believe it when I first heard about these guys and I have to share this with my readers. I have NEVER encountered a delivery place like this! The are nationwide and in almost every city! I was so excited when I placed my order and impatiently waited for it to arrive. It came on time I just was just overly eager to try the Pan Roasted Chicken with Butternut Squash Panzanella. Mmmmmmmm!

What Makes Plated Soooooo Good?

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On top of the convenience, all of the recipes are selected by world-class chefs and all food is from local suppliers and farmers. Awesome and natural ingredients only. All meals come with healthy and balanced portions of fruits and vegetable necessary in your daily intake.

All of our chefs are hand selected and are some of the best in the world! you can guarantee that you are going to get the recipe and ingredients to make a very tasty meal, delivered straight to your house. No more grocery store visits, just go online and pick out your meal plan. I don't know about you, but I hate standing in line at the grocery store and Plated has enabled me to do so much more in my life.

It's honestly only going to take you one time to give these guys a try and you will be hooked forever! Promise 😉

How Does It Work?

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This program makes it so simple to do the ordering I have my kids do it for me as part of their chores. Hey, I'm a busy person. My mother used to say, "In my day we were farmers, and you kid got it good now-a-days". So I don't feel bad. If my mother can till the land then my kids can surely order the food.

All you are required to do, is go online, pick the meal plan, and order! That's it! Recipe and ingredients delivered to your door and 30 minutes later you can have a home cooked meal you would see in a 5-star restaurant. This is super for Dad's. My husband absolutely loves cooking now (one of the biggest benefits lol). He enjoys it and feels accomplished after making an awesome meal that me and the kids like. i'm not even going to tell you what monstrosities he's prepared in the past.

So, give it a try. The meals at Plated are awesome and the delivery is always there when it's supposed to be! These guys were long over due for a review as I have ordered from them multiple times this month and plan to order for many more! What are you waiting for? Check em out!