Ratio Protein Bars Review - Loved it!!!


You know that with so many food allergies in my home I am very picky about what I allow into our home and into our bodies. Picking up just any old protein bar from off the shelf in the grocery store can be a dangerous game for us. Besides the fact that most protein bars taste like cardboard! GROSS!

Recently, I was sent a box of all the different Ratio Protein Bars to review. OH MY GOODNESS! I am totally hooked!


The first thing that jumped out to me on the packaging was what was NOT in these bars.


NO Gluten

NO Soy Protein

NO Hormones

NO Artificial Ingredients

NO Compromises

Wow! I like that. The slogan on their website says this. "Know what you are eating. Know what's best for your body." With a slogan like that and the no compromising attitude they must be good. I quickly sunk my teeth into the bars.

Soooooooo GOOD!!!!

My favorite was Peanut Butter Cup! I have had some awful protein bars before. These were AMAZING! I would recommend them to everyone.

ratio 6

My husband tried them as well and he loved the Peanut Butter Banana flavor.

peaunt butter

I love that there is a good variety flavors. You can have a different one just about every day of the week!

Ratio 1  Ratio 3

Besides the great taste, you will get a good amount of protein in their bars. 24 grams of high quality protein. The research team for Ratio took 12 months to develop this bar. They left out all the junk, kept the sugar to a minimum and put in high quality, good for me ingredients.

Ratio 4 Ratio 5

Next time you are looking for a great Protein Bar, grab a Ratio Bar! They are not only good for you, they taste fabulous!