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My kids are growing up right before my eyes. It seems like just yesterday, I was preparing to have a baby and now look at them. They are so BIG! Along with growing come milestones and accomplishments. Potty training is one way to quickly realize how much your children really have grown. It says "Hey look Mom, I am no longer a baby". Thankfully,  Pull-Ups are there to guide us every step of the way.

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Pull-ups is a brand that most parents recognize and swear by. Their Pull-Ups have certainly become a must-have item in many homes, including my own. As a mom of two amazing kids, potty training is something we have already accomplished once, and I am super thankful to have Pull-Ups the second time around as well. Not only do Pull-ups provide the training pants, but they offer many other training resources as well. Have you heard of the Pull-ups Potty Dance? It's a huge hit in our house. Nothing like a good ole' victory dance to get the potty party started. We also love the doing a reward chart so our Big Kid can visually see the progress they have made.


Pull-ups even has an app to track your little ones progress. Here's a few of my favorite things about Pull-Ups:

  1. The awesome character designs! They offer a wide verity of characters including Ariel, Doc McStuffins, Lightning McQueen, Doc McStuffins, Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear and Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
  2. The look of the Pull-Up. They look just like regular big kid underwear. This helps with the transition of no longer needing a Pull-Up.
  3. Cool Alert technology. These training pants feel cool within seconds of becoming wet to help your child learn to stay dry.
  4. The easy-open sides! They make it easy to check for potty breaks, plus they’re stretchy to help kids learn how to put them on and take them off.
  5. Night Time Pull-Ups. They have even more absorbency for added protection against accidents. These are our favorites and seem to use this design the most.

If you are just heading into the potty training journey or already chugging along, there is a Pull-Up for everyone. Don't do it alone! Make your job as a parent a lot easier and find out which Pull-Ups work best for you and your Big Kid!

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