Play All Day Elmo Party


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hasbro and Playskool. I received product samples and a party stipend to facilitate my review, as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #PlayAllDayElmo

My kids were excited to host a party at home with the new Play All Day Elmo. They had a few friends over to share in the fun day. Play All Day Elmo was a big hit!


Elmo is always a favorite toy and this interactive Elmo is even more fun.  Play All Day Elmo has eight different games and activities, as well as over 150 responses! This Elmo encourages kids to enjoy every day and find the fun in everything.

There are two modes available for Play All Day Elmo. The first mode is for toddlers. The toddler mode has cause and effect play, such as tickling or squeezing Elmo and seeing his reactions.


The second mode is geared towards preschoolers. In preschool mode there are lots of games and activities for your child and Elmo to do together. Pat-A-Cake, Hop and Count, Freeze Dance, Animal Sounds, Elmo Says, Red Light Green Light, What’s Up in the Sky, and Color Guessing are some of the fun interactive games your child can play with Play All Day Elmo.

You can easily switch between these modes, and there is also a naptime mode to make sure Elmo is quiet while your child sleeps. Play All Day Elmo will also sing your child a lullaby when they are cuddling with him before bedtime. The lullaby plays when you squeeze Elmo’s nose.


Elmo is very cuddly and your child will enjoy snuggling up with Elmo. Play All Day Elmo will be ready to start again the next day by just changing the mode back to Play.

You can find Play All Day Elmo at most major toy retailers and online at .

As part of this promotion, my kids were able to give their guest a Hasbro toys party pack. These Hasbro toys are also available on .


My Little Pony Friends has a collection of preschool friendly toys. The girls loved getting the PLAYSKOOL Friends MY LITTLE PONY MUSICAL CELEBRATION CASTLE. They enjoyed the musical adventures and the dance floor. There were two ponies included along with a bedroom and lullaby music to relax.



The boys enjoyed  PLAYSKOOL HEROES JURASSIC WORLD TYRANNOSAURUS REX. The Jurassic World T Rex was lots of fun for younger kids and even some older ones. The eyes light up, and the T Rex roars.



Check out Playskool’s website for more information on these great toys.