OshKosh B’gosh is My Way of Keeping My Kids in Style! #IC #GIVEHAPPY #sponsored #ad


I'm so in love with OshKosh B’gosh clothing for so many reasons. My kids are now at that age where they definitely have opinions on everything they wear. I can no longer get away with buying them anything that I might think is "cute". If they don't like they will not wear it. UGH! Mommy problems...

Plus, If I buy any sort of "bargain brands" they tend to only be good for a few washed before they fade or shrink. My kids grow quickly. The last thing I need is for their clothes to outgrow them before they outgrow their clothes.

Did I already mention being in love with OshKosh B’gosh? They have a great selection of clothing for both my daughter and son, and as an added bonus they actually like them. Win for mom! The quality of the clothes is amazing and hold up well to a lot of wear and tear. My kids enjoying playing rough and I'm thankful to have found a clothing brand that will hold up.

I love to be frugal, but that doesn't always mean cheap. I have a choice to buy a ton of "cheaper" clothes that won't last or I can buy a few items that might cost a little more, and will last a lot longer. It's a simple choice for me. It's definitely quality over quantity.

My favorite time to shop at OshKosh B’gosh is when they have killer sales. I can often find great items marked down and then I use a coupon. Makes for a great deal for sure!

Check out this coupon you can use this holiday season also. Keep your kids in stylish clothes that will last. Check out OshKosh B’gosh for yourself and let me know what you think! Happy Holidays!

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