Ninja Ultima Blender Review


How many of you are like me and still have your original "cheap-O" not-very-awesome, wedding gift blender? Yep. That is me! Nothing special. Nothing great. Nothing about my blender that made me even think about using it any more then absolutely necessary. It's collecting dust. I have wanted to upgrade, but a Vitamix (which I have had recommended to me over and over) is just out of the question as it is too expensive for me.

Well, I am no longer in "blender-BLAH" status!!!

Here is the new NINJA Ulitma Blender in all of it's glory!



The Ninja has outdone itself. This product, in my opinion, is just as good, if not better then the Vitamix! The best part is it is half the price! You can tell how powerful this thing is the first time you use it. (It's like a small car! LOL)

I have to admit it was a bit overwhelming to think of all the possibilities this blender was bringing into my life! HA! You would be surprised to find out just how much this Ninja can do. Obviously, blend food. But it can also make sauces, grind meat, crush ice, and mill flour! Milling my own flour is a great option for our family as my daughter has so many allergies and I have to look for special flour options for her. This could potentially be a great money saver for me! I am looking forward to trying several different types of flours.


This blender is super powerful. You have the option to have 3 levels of blades or remove the center blade tower insert and allow the main base blade to work for you. The Ninja Ultima Blender came with a really great manual and recipe book. The has a great blade suggestion guide. I love that I can reference that list to get a recommendation on whether to use all three blades or just one

The Ninja Ultima not only came with the large pitcher capable of putting out big jobs, it also came with 3 individual size containers. You can blend individual smoothies! I LOVE this option. I can make a custom smoothie just for me, one for my son and one for my daughter without wasting anything! Each individual container comes with its own locking lid for an awesome "To-Go" option.

Here is a fabulous individual Creamy Banana Berry Smoothie.
1/2 C. of Ice
1/4 C. Plain Greek Yogurt
1/4 C. Mixed Berries (frozen or fresh)
1/2 Banana (or whole if you would like more banana taste)
2 Tsp Honey

Fill ingredients into one of the individual containers. Twist on small blade. Place on Ninja Base. Pulse until smooth consistency. (add a Tbsp of water to thin smoothie if too thick)

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Pretty much, this blender is AWESOME! I recommend you add this blender to your counter. It is keeping a spot on mine.


**Products have been provided to me for review. The opinions and pictures are all my own.**