My sick little boy! & Shopping trips today!


My poor little boy has been sick for a few days.  His only symptom was a high fever so he sat on the couch and watched TV for 2 days.  What a life!   I am so glad he is better.  He totally wants to go to church tomorrow.  He hates missing it.

So today was a pretty good shopping trip.  Not my best but I needed some items that I didn't have coupons for.

I went to Costco first!  I will not tell you what I got or share how much I spent.  Let's just say sometimes I like to splurge!

Ok! Fine, I spent $80 there.   That place always gets me.  Why do they have to have so many yummy samples?

I went to Stop and Shop next.  I think I over did it this week.  I bought soooo much stuff.  My total came to $198.98 and I paid $86.84.  That seems like a lot for a normal week of shopping but I had to get a pack of K-cups for my husband and I bought some sushi for dinner.  And I also bought 10 Weight Watcher Meals and tons of baby food (17 Gerber Items) and Organic Baby Yogurt.  Let's just say it took a while checking out.  (I got stuck behind a lady with WIC items.  I HATE that.)  After all of it, I saved $112.14 at Stop and Shop today!

After SS my friend and I were dragging our feet going to CVS.   This shopping business was soooo tiring.  My poor little baby was shopped out so we dropped her off and unloaded my groceries.  The car was so full.   We then headed to CVS.  The total came to $62.75 and I paid $22.96 and got a $6.79 ECB back.  (More than I usually spend, but I needed pullups, bread, medicine, soda, and Lean Cuisines).

I am so tired!