My Amazing Store Trip to Carters - Saved $100!!!!


I really can't believe the awesome deals that I just got a Children's Place! I really needed Clothes for both of my Children.  Can you guess how much I spent for all 6 of these outfits.  Ok, You are never going to guess.

My son had no Shorts left to wear for the summer. Everything from last year was completely too small. If you know me you know that I HATE to spend money. I almost have a panic attack if I have to pay full price for anything (unless its Sushi).

I was terrified going to Carters. I saw the price tag and it said $14 PER PAIR on Sale. "Holy Cow, That's a lot of money", I thought, but I grabbed it anyway.

I also really need clothes for Gemma. I saw some really cute outfits but again the sales were not as good as I had hoped.

I decided I was just going to buy it all.

I used my 20% off $40 or More Coupon and then I also used my stamps to save an additional $10. If you spend $100 at Carters you receive a $10 Credit to spend on your next purchase.

Everything that I purchased above cost me ONLY $36 and Retailed for over $130!!! I walked out of the store feeling like I stole it! What an awesome buy!!!