My 2nd Trip to Children's Place - Even better that the 1st!!!


My trip to Children's Place today was AWESOME!

Last week I went into the store and really needed a pair of snow boots for Matteo. I totally did not want to spend the full price of $28.99 so I decided I would wait till they went down in price.

I walked into Children's Place today and the price was $14.99, and I had a 20% Coupon HERE

For Christmas, My mother in law bought Gemma 2 Sweater for $3.99 each and the beautiful Blue Mesh Skirt for $2.39!

She also bought her 5 pairs of  Tights for $2.24 Each, 1 Pair of leggings for $4.79, and 1 pair of pants for $2.56

The snow boots were $11.99

The total Retail value of our purchase today was $136.04 and we only paid $40.92