My 10 week Challenge - Wk 4 & 5 - No clothes fit!


Well I guess I was so busy that I forgot to write last week. Oh well!

This week I exercised..

Tues - 50 min
Wed - 50 min

I was totally going to exercise this morning but Matteo peed his bed in the middle of the night and Gemma woke up 3x. I was soooooo tired this morning. The last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed let alone exercise.

I lost 1/2 lb.
I now have 6 1/2 lbs left.

I have decided to step it up a bit.
I am going to JOIN A GYM!
There I said it!

Oh ya, I forgot to say that I now have no clothes that fit anymore! My husband asked me yesterday why I was so dressed up. The only thing that fits me is my jean skirt (which was dirty yesterday) and my church dress. Lol! Guess its time for new clothes right!