Mitsubishi Outlander - The Perfect Vehicle For Any Vacation



While on a family vacation out west last month, I had the opportunity to drive from LA to Vegas. We are a long distance driving family and love these types of trips.

Driveshop gave us the opportunity to experience the Mitsubishi Outlander and let me tell you, it was so much fun I could have driven to NY!


As parents, it’s always important for my husband and I to choose a car we are comfortable with in terms of safety. The Outlander surpasses even our strict demands. They offer the RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body construction, which ensures that if there is an accident by absorbing the impact with it’s amazing high cabin safety features like front, side, and rear impact collision. With 7 airbags, we felt as safe as a baby in a car seat!


We decided that we wanted to freak the kids out a bit so we took them through Baker, California, exposing them to all the spooky alien paraphernalia. We didn’t want to worry about having to stop for gas (no one wants to get stuck out there! You never know what you might encounter out in the desert.), and we didn’t give it a second thought with the 25/31-mpg the Outlander gave us.


Another cool thing we decided to do since we had such a safe and reliable vehicle was to drive over the Hoover Dam at night. I’ve experienced it during the day but it’s a total different experience at night. The dam is lit up and the experience is one that everyone should have. The kids loved it.


I would absolutely recommend the Mitsubishi Outlander for trips near and far. The comfortable, expansive inside complete with all the bells and whistles like Forward Collision Mitigation6 system, Adaptive Cruise Control, Paddle shifters, and standard 7 passenger seating makes it the perfect choice for any trip.

If you’re in the market for a new car check out their website or if you’re going to rent one for a car trip, make sure to ask your car rental company if they offer one. If they don’t, go somewhere else and rent one!