KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse Review



This adorable little Playhouse totally makes me wish I was little again!  The KidKraft Red Roof Outdoor Playhouse is made of weather-resistant wood so it's the perfect outdoor toy for just about any climate.  Being weather-resistant is super important when it's really cold and snows for 5 months out of the year.   The Wood is such great quality.  This may seem like a small thing but even the grain of the wood was going in the right direction.  Although it is the wood is weather resistant, I would strongly recommend using wood sealant that is non-toxic  and oil based to preserve the wood for years to come.


KidKraft Red Roof Outdoor Playhouse took my husband and Father in Law around 3-4 hours to assemble.


Thankfully, it came with step by step directions that helped guide us and made sure we didn't have any left over screws or pieces. I hate when that happens...


With cute little helpers like this, it always makes the job go faster. I loved seeing how excited and eager the kids were to help. It totally turned into a whole family project.


One of my favorite features on the KidKraft Red Roof Outdoor Playhouse is the working door and windows. The colors are warm and inviting, and the paned windows and door are easy to open. I think it makes it that much more realistic and imaginative. The kids love it!


This playhouse is big enough for multiple kids to play in at once, which is super important when kids play together. We all know they already have enough to bicker about.

I'm so in love with the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse for so many reasons.

  • Quality
  • Look
  • Size
  • My kids love it


They have already spent hours playing and using their imaginations.  This playhouse is the coolest thing since sliced bread.