My Trip to LA - Kia Soul Review!!!


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They say that half of the fun of traveling is the journey. I believe this to be true! It seems as though some of our best vacation and travel memories take place in the car on the way to our destination. Road trips always evolve into so many stories that include laughs and maybe even a couple of tears, but whichever way the story goes the truth is, these trips are never forgotten. My family and I were able to hit the open a road a few weeks ago, and had the pleasure of doing so in a new Kia Soul. Our trip was the perfect chance to give the Kia Soul a try and see how well it fared for our family and our driving needs. So we packed up the kiddos, packed up our things, jumped in our test Kia and hit the pavement. I would love to share with you our experiences with the Kia Soul since we were able to really get a feel for it and what it offered on our trip. It was the perfect chance to see if it was comfortable and compatible with our traveling needs.

Here is what we discovered! First, let’s look at the pros about the Kia Soul:


Built in Navigation: We tend to visit locations we are not always familiar with. Because of this, it always helps us to have built in navigation. It is nice to not have to mess with a portable navigating system and instead have it right there in the car at all times. We were able to use it to find nearby gas stations, eateries, and more. It was very convenient and made the trip easier for sure.


Bluetooth Phone Pairing: Many states do not allow you to talk on your cell phone by hand while traveling. Because of this it is great to have Bluetooth pairing that the Kia Soul offers. Not only did it help us abide by state laws, but it is of course a much safer way to drive.


Front Speakers that change colors to the music: This was such a cool and entertaining feature I have not seen before! The kids were quite dazzled as well as the Kia Soul speakers change colors with the beat of the music adding a level of fun. It is just a small perk that really makes the car feel special.

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Plenty of room: We traveled with two children and quite a bit of luggage. The seats were roomy and each child was able to feel like they had their own space. This cut down on a lot of the arguments we usually hear while traveling. Plus, leg room is generous.


Lots of pep for a 4 cylinder:: My family had their doubts, but the 4 cylinder ended up feeling quite powerful.

Great Gas Mileage: With today’s gas prices, you have to have a car with awesome gas mileage. We got exactly that with the Kia Soul and noticed that we filled up our tank much less than we would have had to in our standard family car.


Convenient controls: In the Kia Soul all of the controls are located to the right directly on the steering wheel. This offered a level of convenience my current car does not offer. I appreciated it.


Built in Ipod Port / 2 electrical outlets (120 Volt): Ipods are a part of our family’s everyday life, so to be able to take ours and have plenty of power for it was excellent. We could listen to our music and the kids could watch their movies without any problems.

Appealing Design: The console of the Kia Soul is so sleek and appealing. It is modern and stylish and gives quite the feeling of quality and luxury.

Sporty rims and wheels: Let’s face it, we want to feel like we are driving a car that is modern and stylish. The rims and wheels of the Kia Soul are so sporty and stylish at the same time. They give a modern feel but at the same time offer quality and practicality. As you can see, there was a great deal we enjoyed about the Kia Soul. It was fun and functional, and I did not have to choose one over the other.

While there was so much we enjoyed about the Kia Soul, there were a few cons I wanted to mention. These cons of course are overshadowed by my pros, but should be mentioned.

The very few cons of the Kia Soul:


Small trunk: With two kids we did have quite a bit of luggage. We had to be very careful about how we arranged it in our trunk to make it all fit. Plus, we had to be careful about what we bought on our trip since there was not a great deal of trunk space. We could have used more.

Non Automatic Headlights: If you are use to this feature you can find yourself in trouble. I was actually pulled over by the cops for no lights at night. I had no idea they weren't on because the interior was completely lit up. As you can see, this can pose a danger for people who are use to automatic headlights.


The Kia Soul surely made our trip a memorable one and an easier one. It got us there safely and efficiently. We had a fantastic time in this car on our vacation to LA to see my entire family and we made a ton of memories. If you are currently in the market for a car that is fun, stylish, modern, and efficient, I highly recommend the Kia Soul to anyone. So much in fact my husband is seriously considering buying one when we go home! YEAH!!!



I was able to test drive the 2013 Kia Soul for nine days. I was not compensated for this post and the opinions expressed are 100% my own.