It's Okay To Be Me! (Finding My Gifts & Talents)


I think we all have struggled at some point with who we are. We compare ourselves to those around us. Brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, friends, classmates, celebrities, people you don't even like! Have you seen something awesome in someone else and immediately felt insecure about that area in your own life? Or maybe you were put down or made fun of after you attempted something new. That crushed and self-doubting feeling is all too familiar sometimes. Too often, I have found myself paralyzed by a lack of confidence to go out and be me! Partly because I didn't know what my gifts and talents are and the other part is I am scared to death because I am not as good as So-and-so.

It's time to put those feeling away! It is time to step out. It's OKAY to be Me! It's OKAY to be YOU! God made each of us special with unique gifts and talents. We are not the same. (And that is for good reason! HA!) I am determined to embrace my gifts and talents and use them to propel me into the Dreams and Plans that God has given me.

I want to share with you some practical tips for finding your gifts and talents. You, my readers, are so awesome! I believe that each of you have something beautiful to offer the world! Together, we can make a positive and lasting impact if we just be the best we can be.

1. What are you good at?
Pursue your passion! Focus on your obvious talents and the hidden ones only you know about. What do you enjoy doing? A lot of times our talents are manifested in our hobbies. It's okay to try out a few different hobbies while looking for what you love best.

2. Don't be Someone Else
Don't automatically assume you have to be _____________. Or that you are not talented unless you are as good as _____________. There are all levels of talent. Just because you are at a more advanced level then me in playing the piano does not mean that I should give up and never play again!

3. Study, Learn, Master your Craft
Most people have to work hard to excel at their talents. There is natural ability, yes. But even that will only get you so far. Maybe you need to take a few classes or practice more often to begin to see the progress you want. Read, learn, ask questions. Be a scholar. Don't give up yet.

4. Find someone who will Cheer for you and Challenge you.
We all need mentors. There is no price you can put on someone who will cheer you on and challenge you to go further. This is different then just a friend. This person should be someone who you admire and is excelling themselves in their personal life. Not perfect, (No one is.) but clearly full of wisdom.

5. Keep growing
Our gifts and talents sometimes change as we change. Don't be so stubborn that you refuse to take opportunities to change and grow. Those football players playing in the play offs will not be in the playoffs 20 years from now. They will have to adjust and find new ways to use their talents in their lives. The same goes for us. Our situations and stage in life will change. I am determined to grow with it.

How we think and feel about ourselves impacts just about every area in our lives. Take time to realize that you are gifted and talented. Search out your purpose. Set some goals. You will be surprised how much the adjustments in this area will impact every area in your life!

What are your gifts and talents?

**Disclaimer** This is not to excuse any faults or ugliness that is often natural. Overcome your not-so-nice parts and turn them into beautiful ones.