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Anyone else loving their Isis Wallet? If you have yet to hear about it, you are totally missing out! It's a FREE mobile app that uses NFC technology to let you pay and save at stores with just a tap of your smartphone. GENIUS! The Wallet holds participating payment and loyalty cards while organizing offers so they are always with you. This means you do not have to carry as much stuff!! As a mom of two, this could not be more useful. I always have my phone me, though I don't always remember my wallet.

Paying with the Isis Mobile Wallet is safer than using your actual wallet, but still gives you the same benefits and protections as your plastic cards. Hooked yet?

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You select a unique PIN that you enter each time you open the Wallet.

Remote lock
If your phone is ever lost or stolen, one call or click can freeze the Wallet.

Secure element
Sensitive data is stored on a special chip in your phone. This chip is designed specifically for Isis Mobile Wallet and restricts unauthorized access.

Protective ID
A unique transaction ID is sent with each payment, making it more difficult to counterfeit your card.

Personal privacy
What you buy is between you and the stores where you shop.

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The iPhone is not compatible with Isis Mobile Wallet just yet, BUT they do offer some awesome cases that make it happen. Check out this Incipio Cash wrap Grey Isis Ready Case! Turns my iPhone 5 into a Mobile Wallet!

Not only does it look good, but it protects as well and it's super easy to put on. Just a few snaps. The only difference is the charger.

I am so in love with the Isis Mobile Wallet and can't imagine not having it. Technology continues to move forward! Are you in?

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Here are some quick fun facts:

        • The Isis Wallet app supports American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo cards  OR you can sign up for American Express Serve prepaid card that you can fund from any bank account. When you sign up for the American Express Serve prepaid card you will receive a $25 balance.
        • The Isis Wallet app is supported through T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T service providers. The Isis Wallet app is compatible with both Android and iPhone phones, but all IOS users need the Isis Wallet sleeve, which you can grab at any Verizon Wireless or AT&T store.
        • The Isis Wallet let’s you pay with your phone at any store that accepts payments, including Jamba Juice, McDonald’s, Toys’R’Us, etc.
        • The Isis Wallet adds additional great savings, including 50% back on NYC Taxi rides when you pay with American Express, Free Smoothies from Jamba Juice,  and a $1 back every time you pay with an American Express Serve card.

Make sure you check out the Isis Wallet Facebook Page for other great info as well and don't forget to download the app!!