I paid $1.66 per pack of Huggies Diapers at Shaws! Can you say WOW!!!


We got a SUPER great deal today on Huggies Santa Diapers! I got 9 packs of diapers Size 4 25ct and they were only $3.99 on Clearance!

I had (6) $2 off Huggies Coupons and (3) $1 off Huggies Coupons

I also had a $5 off $50 which I used because I was getting other groceries as well at Shaws!

I paid $1.66 for each pack of Diapers! Wow is that a Steal!

The best way to get Huggies Coupons is to contact the Huggies Directly! They will send you coupons if you call and ask!

I would also contact Shaws or any other grocery store and ask them if they still have any diapers left before you go to the store.