I made $180 at CVS today - Unadvertised deal!!!



What an awesome deal!! I just went to CVS this morning and made $180!!  I am so excited about this.

This is an unadvertised deal from CVS, but it is definitely working.

Grab a PayPal Master card for $4.95 and load $150 onto it.

At checkout your total purchase will be $154.95 but you will receive a $50 Extra Care Bucks back.  The paypal card is non-refundable, but you can use it for any purchases.  Since I will be going grocery shopping and purchasing gifts this month, why not get some extra EBCs!

There are also additional fees associated with buying this card. There is a monthly fee of $4.95 so be sure to cancel the card as soon as the balance is 0! You can also use this $5 Code when activating your card.

Code: 8709943683

Here is the Paypal FAQ if you would like to know how the card works!  You will need to cancel the cards once they are used to avoid additional charges!

Deal ends 11/27/13!

Limit (2) $50 ECB per card. *I used my card and my husband's card for this transaction.