I Hate Being Fat - My 10 week Challenge!



So I have decided to do a 10 week Challenge!


I am determined to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks. I hate being fat and having nothing to wear.

My husband has lost over 25 lbs.
My dad has lost over 35 lbs.
My sister in law has lost over 35 lbs.
My sister has lost over 7 lbs.

What is my deal? Can't it just fall off without me doing anything! I HATE exercising, and I LOVE to eat.

All I have left is 10 measly pounds!

I have decided to exercise 5 days a week and eat between 1200 and 1300 calories!  Since I am still nursing, I am able to burn a little more calories.

Day 1 - Tues. 9/13 - Walked from 6:20- 6:55 - 35 min

Day 2 - Wed.9/14 - Walked from 6:10-6:55 - 45 min

Day 3 - Thur.9/15- Walked from 6:10-6:55 - 45 min

All I know is this weight better fall off and fast!

If anyone else would like to join me let me know!  I love accountability!