Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers


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I have been blessed with three boys. All of them have been busy little guys. But the baby... Well, he was attempting crawling at FOUR MONTHS! This little guy is determined to keep up with his big brothers. (he also has all the bruises to show for all the stunts he attempts!)

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Once he started walking it was OVER for this Mama! He has started running and dodging and being silly when it comes to changing his diaper. For some reason he thinks it is hilarious that I have to catch him.

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Once I do catch him, it is a ruff and tumble wrestling match to get his dirty diaper off and the clean diaper on before he gets back up and runs again. I must admit that he has escaped me more then once! Naked little booty running wild through the house!

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When I heard about Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons Diapers, I knew that they would save my sanity! These are perfect for little walkers. (Especially, those who like to run!) The diaper fits snug around the legs and waist. They have proven leakage protection with Huggies Leak Lock System. I have used diapers in the past that although they looked like they were perfectly good diapers... we soon found that they held absolutely NOTHING in. There are few things that I hate more than doing extra, unnecessary laundry. I am so happy to tell you that we have had ZERO leaks with Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons Diapers! WIN for Mommy! Their quick absorbing layers and long-lasting core locks in the wetness and keeps my little man dry.

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I do have to mention that not only are these diapers easy on, but also easy off! You can slip off the diaper or use the velcro pull tabs on the side. I can't tell you how many times we have been out running errands, and I have had to change a baby standing up in a bathroom with no changing table! With these diapers it is no problem. (Jordan also LOVED that there are Micky Mouse characters on his diapers!)

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If you have a little walker that just wants to move... I totally recommend these diapers to you! Jordan loves that he can stand up and feel like a big boy when I am getting him dressed. He is still a baby, and I am totally okay with that. But, I do want him to feel like he can totally be himself and let his energy out as much as he wants to.

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Sign up and start collecting points and receiving special coupons! Thank you Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons Diapers for making this Momma's job a little easier!

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Do you have a Little Mover that makes it difficult to get them changed?