How to Save Money: Entertainment Edition


How to Save Money: Entertainment Edition

People today have short attention spans, so it becomes easy to overspend on entertainment without really keeping track of where the money goes. Cables bills, phone services, DVDs, dining out, gym memberships, theater-ticket prices, concerts, snacks, hobbies, and sporting events claim large shares of paychecks, usually leaving people with nothing substantial except the memories.

Memories could prove priceless, of course, but people need not spend money to have good times. In fact, creative approaches often create the best memories for the future, and people can save money to buy homes, finance educations, or start businesses.

Sports venues offer low-price seats in the upper balconies, and people can find last-minute deals when box offices have plenty of surplus seats to sell. Concentrate on local teams and minor leagues instead of professional sports franchises. Fans can still support their favorite teams, but showing up for local events could help people make valuable business and social contacts and save lots of cash. Fans of comedy could attend local clubs that sponsor amateur nights, and tickets often cost very little or nothing.

People who enjoy concerts never need to pay top dollar to enjoy themselves when local talent, amateur performances, and up-and-coming musical talents play free or for lower admission prices. Grab Norah Jones tickets, attend local concerts in the park, or try to score discount tickets for the symphony in the nearest big city. People could get tickets for symphony rehearsals at lower prices, which often prove more enjoyable and memorable than evening performances.

Restaurants offer hundreds of cost savings with coupons, two-for-one deals, early bird specials, and happy-hour discounts for liquid refreshments. People can cut the price of an evening out by skipping drinks and desserts or take the opposite approach and order only drinks and desserts. Getting to know local restaurant menus and weekly specials could save a bundle. Couples can enjoy the intimacy of a candlelit picnics under the stars, or families could invite friends for an outdoor potluck barbecue for summer entertainment.

Families can save tremendous amounts on subscription services. Consider downgrading cable or satellite service packages, dropping the premium channels. Pick up free DVDs from local libraries that include some of the latest releases. Enjoy free shows and movies over the Internet from networks or services like Hulu or rent unlimited movies from Netflix.

Consumers can rent DVDs, video games, and game consoles instead of buying them to stay within their budgets. Many companies offer cheaper products and services online because they cut the overhead expenses of local retail stores. All cities offer local entertainment and activities for all members of the family including concerts, movies, plays, recitals, recreational sports, classes, book signings, and lectures. People can meet celebrities, learn new hobbies, explore nature and local attractions, and find exciting activities for the children such as free petting zoos, storybook readings, costume parties, and other events.

Speaking of movies and concerts, creative people could make their own movies and recordings and post them on YouTube or other Internet sites, becoming overnight celebrities. People of all ages could take up new sports, yoga, or self-defense classes with city leagues, company teams, or neighborhood groups. Take thrifty approaches to all entertainment and discover a wealth of resources for free or inexpensive fun, social companionship, and entertainment.