How many shoes does a child really need?


How Many Shoes Does a Child Really Need

How many shoes does a child really need?  I see so many people that spend tons of money each year buying their children shoes.  It seriously amazes me how many shoes children keep in their closet.  I have a method that will help you save money on Children's shoes this year.

Its perfectly simple, STOP BUYING SO MANY.

Save your money.

Boys really only need about 3 or 4 pairs for the whole year.

1.  Winter Boots (if you live in the snow)

2.  Sandals for the summer

3.  Tennis Shoes

4.  School/Church Shoes

Girls might need a few more pairs than the boys for obvious reasons.

1.  Winter Boots (if you live in the snow)

2. Two pairs of Sandals for the summer (Neutral color, Pink, or any other color to match different outfits.)

3. Tennis Shoes

4. Two pairs of School/Church Shoes (Black and White)

Ask yourself the question, "Will my child Really use this?  Do they need another pair?".   You just might think twice about buying it just because its a good deal.  Also, ask yourself, "Do I have space for it."  Remember Clutter builds up so quickly and most of us don't see it until its too late.

Save your money and stop buying so many shoes!!!!