How Clean is your Bathroom?


How Clean is your Bathroom?

Shiny bathtub, glossy countertop, glistening tiles; yes it’s true that looks can be deceiving!  But bacteria are not colorful. Just because you may not be able to see it with your own eyes, does not mean it does not exist. Do you only wash your clothing when it looks dirty? Or do you wash it after you wear it. Bathrooms are a playground for the unseen ugly of the world. I know our parents always said that it’s good to share, but germs are not included! So what to do you ask. Simple, just clean up.    

Here are a couple of simple ideas to help keep you bathroom clean and sanitized for very little money:

*Always spray down your shower tiles when you are finished.

*Clean your toilet weekly to avoid the discolor that can occur from unregularly flushing habit’s or hard water.

*Clean your sink with disincentive wipes daily to avoid buildup. (Remember, you use your sink from everything from brushing your teeth to washing your face. So a lot of product gets used and splashed on the countertop.) This also included washing your faucets.

*I would suggest using an automatic soap dispenser to avoid the spread of germs. They work great and do not involve pumping any soap so you are not passing the germs on your hands to anyone else. If you do not have an automatic one, make sure to wipe down the dispenser as well. I would suggest not using a bar soap. Do you really want to wash your hands with the same thing your children, or neighbor or friend just used? I know I wouldn’t.

*And finally, replace the hand drying towel weekly as well. If you are busy household, you may want to change it more frequently.

A lot of those cleaning items can be found at any local grocery store, convenience store and even dollar stores. You do not have to spend a lot of money to keep your bathroom looking great and germ reduced.