Going to Cirque Du Soliel's Toruk


toruk cover

I am so excited to be going to Cirque du Soleil’s newest show “TORUk The First Flight.” The show is this Friday in Worcester, MA and is inspired by James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

Cirque du Soleil is always amazing and cutting edge, and this show looks to be the best of them all.

The world of James Cameron’s “Avatar” is brought to life in a live multimedia performance unlike anything we’ve seen before. I am so excited to be able to attend this show.

toruk show costume

Amazing costumes and makeup bring the Planet Pandora to life. This experience will include lovely visuals and advance puppetry. The feeling of nature and being one with all living things will come to life on the stage.

toruk man

I will do a full post after the show, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!