Going Back to School with Food Allergies!!!


Going Back To School with Food Allergies

Going Back to School with Food Allergies!!!

Going back to school is stressful enough, but going back to school with a food allergy can be downright scary. As you know a child with a food allergy can become quite ill if exposed to the trigger food, and so it is important to see that the school as a whole understands your child’s allergy and what steps need to be taken to keep your child safe. If you are unsure of how to approach the upcoming school with your child and his or her allergies, take a look below and find some helpful tips and tricks for starting the year off right. You don’t need to go into it scared or unprepared, instead, follow these tips and enjoy a year that is safe!

5 Tips for Going Back to School with Food Allergies:

1. Inform the teacher.

The first person you can contact is your child’s teacher. Provide a list of the trigger allergens as well as any medical information from your child’s doctor you feel is necessary. As that she follow any guidelines that keep your child safe. Invite her to ask any questions she may have so she feels prepared and informed.

2. Consult the nurse.

It is a good idea to introduce yourself and your child to the school nurse. After all, the nurse will be delivering treatment in the case of an emergency. Be sure she has copies of medical records as well as your child’s allergist’s number. Any medications important to your child’s health should be left with the nurse along with prescription information.

3. Talk to the principal.

If your child’s school is not familiar with food allergies, be sure you speak with the principal and provide any info that can help him or her. Offer any literature you may have as well as answer any questions they may have.

4. Leave information with the cafeteria staff.

It does not hurt to leave your child’s name, a small headshot, and a list of allergens with the cafeteria staff. This way, they can be on the lookout for any ingredients that may harm your child. By knowing what your child looks like, they can make sure they avoid harmful foods when going through the cafeteria line.

5. In serious cases, visit the classroom.

If your child’s life is at risk should they be exposed to an allergen, it does not hurt to draft a simple letter to parents asking for their cooperation when sending food items to school, or to talk with the class about not bringing these items in and washing their hands well when handling such products.

Back to school time can be a little easier when you give these tips a try. You as well as the school staff will feel better prepared and ready to take on a year that is a healthy and happy one!